Keto Strawberry Cheesecake

This post is also available in: Magyar (Hungarian)

Ingredients for the base:

  • 150g hazelnut
  • 1 tbsp butter and a little to grease the cake pan
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sweetener
  • Vanilla extract


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees ceclius.

Grind the hazelnut.

In a bowl add the ground hazelnut, melted butter, egg, salt, sweetener and vanilla extract.

Mix them well together.

In the cake pan add the mixture and stretch it out on the sides too.

Bake in the oven for 8 minutes.

Then let it cool down.

Ingredients for the cream cheese filling:

  • 250g cottage cheese
  • Sweetener
  • Vanilla extract
  • 1 pack of gelatine
  • 100ml cream


Put the cottage cheese, sweetener, vanilla extract in a blender and mix them together.

Pour the cream in a pan with the gelatine and cook slowly and keep stirring.

When the gelatine is melted but the cream is not boiling add to the cottage cheese in a blender and mix them together.

Pour it in the cake pan on the base and put it in the fridge until it thickens.

Ingredients for the strawberries sauce:

  • 250g strawberry
  • Sweetener
  • 2 tsp arrowroot powder


Cut the strawberries to small pieces and put them in a blender.

Then pour it in a pan and start to cook slowly and add the sweetener.

When it’s boiling add the arrowroot powder in a small bowl and mix it together with a little but of water.

Then pour it to the strawberry sauce and when it starts to thicken stop cooking and pour on the top of the cake.

Put it back in the fridge and when it cools down add the sliced strawberries on the top.

Leave it in the fridge for a couple hours.

This post is also available in: Magyar (Hungarian)

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